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Gillian is an experienced yoga teacher and therapist who offers general and specialised yoga classes and individual programmes.

She has practised yoga for over 20 years with many different teachers from a variety of traditions. The predominant influence in recent years has been from students of Vanda Scaravelli.

The theme of this website ... respecting natural rhythms ... reflects Gillian's philosophy and approach to her yoga and therapy.  Key principles are inclusivity and the belief that yoga has something to offer everyone.  Her main aim is to develop the strengths and skills of her students whilst being sensitive to individual characteristics and abilities.

Her qualifications include: British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Course Tutor; Yoga Biomedical Trust Yoga Therapy Practitioner; and FRYOG teacher. In addition to her UK qualifications she has also received yoga instruction in France and the USA.

Gillian has worked extensively with people with various therapeutic needs including back pain, cancer, multiple sclerosis, breathing disorders and has developed a comprehensive range of practices that are designed to meet the personal requirements of her clients.

Further information can be found within this website and specific enquiries can be made via the contact form link.
Gillian lives in Warwickshire, UK where she teaches most of her classes.   

She has delivered workshops throughout the UK and has a number of international contacts for yoga and yoga therapy.  A recent development has been the introduction of yoga holidays, currently being offered in Portugal. 

She is married with three 'mature' children.
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